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Why settle for the ordinary when you can experience the extraordinary with our lineup of boutique yachting charters? Choose from our lineup of offerings that you can customize to your liking. We have choices that include half-day, whole-day, overnight, and other charters that can be customized for your special events.

Take a trip around the pristine waters of Koh Samui and enjoy everything that our 30-meter yachts have to offer on one of our signature charters. Cannot find a charter package that suits your very specific tastes? Don’t worry. Here at Boutque Yachting, we aim to please. You can create your own unique yachting experience with a custom trip that we can arrange for you and your loved ones.

Half-Day Charters

Choose from our selection of half-day charters that include both morning and sunset options. Start the day right with a half-day charter that takes you to some of the coolest waters in the archipelago. Take a dip in the morning waters of the area after having a sumptuous breakfast or enjoy the cool breezes of the afternoon as the sun sets on your way back to port. Lounge around on deck or enjoy some of the local fruits as we coast along on your half-day tour.

Full-Day Charters

If half a day is not enough for you, you can always book our full-day charters to fully enjoy everything the islands have to offer. You can choose from our packaged tours that include the Samui Island Cruise, Koh Phangan Cruise, and the Ang Thong Marine Park Cruise. You can also opt to customize your own full-day charter to totally enjoy the day the way you want to. With a full breakfast, lunch, snacks, and drinks onboard and an amiable staff ready to serve you, this is your best choice for a relaxing and memorable day around the islands.

Family & Wedding Charters

Whatever the occasion may be, whether it is your family’s annual vacation or if you want a wedding that is private and unique, we have the perfect package for you. Take your family on a trip to remember by booking a private customized charter with us and have them enjoy the unspoiled beauty of nature as they enjoy the cool waters and breezes of Koh Samui. Want a wedding that rivals no other? A private wedding on a yacht with close friends and family is a good choice and we are here to help you put it together.

Overnight Charters

The beauty of Koh Samui cannot be fully appreciated with a trip that only lasts a single day. Take in the different looks of the islands by booking a charter that lets you see the other side of the waters and islands of Thailand with an overnight charter. Enjoy the warm sun and warm waters during the day, and then let yourself feel the gentle sway of the water and the cool breezes of the evening as you anchor down for the night. With our comfortable cabins and beds, you are sure to have a good night’s rest under the stars as you are rocked to sleep by the soft lapping waves of the sea.

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