The M/S Naga

Get to know one of the yachts that you will enjoy sailing on when you embark on one of our fabulous tours and charters. The M/S Naga is one of the seaworthy vessels that you can charter for your one-of-a-kind yachting experience in Koh Samui and is a vessel that will live in your memory for the rest of your days.

The Naga is one of the ships that you can charter for half a day, a whole day, or use for a custom made tour. It can accommodate up to 20 people comfortably and can even be used for special tours and even overnight charters. This is because this yacht is fitted with some of the creature comforts that you can expect of a luxury yacht, and all of these are at your disposal.

The Naga – Named After a Mythical Majestic Creature

The M/S Naga is named after a fabled creature that is part of local lore and culture. The name itself means “serpent” in Sanskrit. This creature is considered a semi-divine being and comes in a form that is half-human and half-cobra. The Naga is considered a friend to humans and can help them, if they are worthy of help. They can also be dangerous to those who are evil and threaten the good.

The Naga is a mythical being found in Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism. It is said to be a creature associated with water and is also a protector of the treasures of the deep.

The Naga – The Turkish Gulet

The M/S Naga is a vessel known as a Turkish Gulet. This ship is traditionally made mostly of wood and measures 29.6 meters long. As with most traditional Turkish Gulets, the M/S Naga comes with two masts, with most ships of this class made with around two to three masts. As with most traditional ships made in this design, The Naga also comes with a powerful engine that can take you safely and quickly from one spot to another in these waters.

This ship can accommodate up to 10 people overnight in its well-appointed 6 cabins, 6 bathrooms, ample lounging areas, and spacious dining area. This yacht also comes with 20 sunbeds, air-conditioned rooms, a fully-equipped kitchen, and other creature comforts. You can enjoy half-day and whole-day tours with up to 30 guests onboard or charter a custom overnight tour for up to 10 guests. Take a tour of the Gulf of Thailand in style with this Turkish Gulet known as The Naga.

Take Your Pick from Our Tours Using the M/S Naga

Whether you are aiming to spend the night on the water or simply want to explore the pristine waters and islands of Koh Samui, the M/S Naga is the perfect vessel to do this in. Aside from our tours, we also offer private charters that you can customize to fit your expectations and desires. Our boutique yachting experiences are one-of-a-kind and should not be missed when you are in the area. Commune with nature, enjoy local cuisine, and spend time with loved ones on a trip-of-a-lifetime with our selection of private charters and tours made especially for you.



Cabins 6 Double Rooms
Bathrooms 6 Ensuite
Toilets 6 House Type
Stern Deck Lounge Couch & Dining Table
Saloon Dining Table & Seating Area
Galley Fully Equipped
Sunbeds 20 Sunbeds
Airconditioning Bedrooms
Hours of A/C Use 4 Hours
Electricity 220V / 24 V / 12 V
Music / Other MP3 Player, USB & CD/DVD

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