THE NAGA – A Traditional Classic Turkish Gulet

Our beautiful M/S Naga is a traditional, wooden two-masted motorsailer, handcrafted in Turkey. It offers our guests the opportunity to cruise around the Gulf of Thailand in style and with all possible luxuries on board. It fulfills even the most discerning travelers’ needs while they are enjoying the beauty of tropical islands scattered around the Gulf of Thailand.

The M/S Naga is 30 meters long and offers a range of facilities for our guests, including daybeds on the sundeck and the covered deck, an open-air dining area, fully equipped bathrooms and for those staying overnight, air-conditioned bedrooms. This yacht offers space for up to 40 guests for half-day and full-day charters and for up to 10 guests for overnight excursions. With 30 guests on a day tour you will have all the privacy and space you need.

THE NAGA – A Mythical Creature

The M/S Naga is named after a creature from Thai mythology that resembles a snake or dragon. Depending on the depiction, it can be shown with one or many heads. The Naga is said to guard areas of transition, such as bridges and doors, which is why Nagas can be found in front of many temples in Thailand and around South-East Asia. Another famous image shows the Naga king Mucalinda using his many heads to shield the Buddha from rain during one of his long meditations. Being named after such a protective mythical being has surely helped keep our voyages safe over the years and will undoubtedly do so in the future.

THE GULET – Its History and Origin

The term gulet is said to have developed from either the French term “géolette” (which means schooner) or from the Venetian word “galiota” (which means galleon). Originally, gulets were wooden boats made in the south of modern-day Turkey and used by fishermen and sponge divers to transport their catch.

With the demand for elegant, finely appointed charter vessels growing in Turkey over recent years, gulets developed into sophisticated motorsailers, catering to the needs of a very demanding and continuously growing charter clientele.

Over time, a number of new designs has emerged, but they always stayed close to the traditional Turkish gulet’s style. Since its classic design does not allow many cabins on board, slight modifications have been implemented over recent years, and today the transom-stern gulet offers the best possible use of space both above and below deck, making it a popular type of charter vessel.

TURKISH GULETS – High Quality Materials for Fine Yachts

To make gulets the elegant refined vessels they are, classy design is not enough. The materials used for construction play just as big a role in the boat’s final appearance as its shape and size. Today, the top-quality gulets made in Bodrum and Bozburun in Turkey use expensive, durable wood, such as African mahogany, Burmese teak, or eucalyptus for the hull, and woods such as spruce pine, walnut, ebony or olive for interior furniture and fixtures, due to their beautiful colors and the possibilities they offer for handling and processing.

With its rich history, the M/S Naga is the perfect boat to explore the Gulf of Thailand’s magical seas, Samui’s serene shoreline and the many treasure islands tucked away in Ang Thong Marine Park. Hop on board and let us take you on an incredible journey around this remarkable area.



Cabins 6 Double Rooms
Bathrooms 6 Ensuite
Toilets 6 House Type
Stern Deck Lounge Couch & Dining Table
Saloon Dining Table & Seating Area
Galley Fully Equipped
Sunbeds 20 Sunbeds
Airconditioning Bedrooms
Hours of A/C Use 4 Hours
Electricity 220V / 24 V / 12 V
Music / Other MP3 Player, USB & CD/DVD

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