Koh Taen: One of the best spots to snorkel in Samui

Koh Taen: One of the best spots to snorkel in Samui

Koh Taen & Koh Madsum

One of the best spots to snorkel in Samui

Near the shores of Koh Taen, a secluded island just off Samui, there is a mass of colorful marine life. Reaching this sublime snorkel location is possible through a variety of routes and boats, with one of the most luxurious being the Samui Island Tour scenic cruise. Not only do travelers receive a Thai buffet, round-trip pick-up from their hotel, fresh fruit, drinks (and more!), but also a chance to sink their body into the aquamarine waters, where an array of fish swim below the gaze of your goggles. The coral reef carved along the ocean floor is enough of a reason to consider visiting one of the best spots to snorkel in Samui.

Koh Taen: One of the best spots to snorkel in Samui

Swimming & Snorkeling at Koh Taen

The shallow waters allow for strong visibility of the coral reef. A prime area for swimming amongst the fish is on the south side of Koh Taen’s flawless white beach, where the vibrant marine life scatter around the dazzling structures built by the stony corals. Weaving around the rocky ridge is one way to discover the fantastical creatures of the Gulf of Thailand. If travelers want to continue to bask in the wonder of life below the sea, they will have to take a boat slightly further out. If they are on board the Samui Island Tour, they will have the chance to visit the Five Islands after experiencing the wonders of Koh Taen.

Koh Taen: One of the best spots to snorkel in Samui Samui Island Cruise – speedboat ride to the snorkeling location

Other snorkeling spots at Koh Samui

Other places to consider snorkelling in Samui are Coral Cove and Silver Beach. Coral Cove – an inlet near Chaweng Noi – is surrounded by large boulders above and below sea level, which makes it a worthy location for avid snorkellers who love colourful marine life and unique landscapes. Silver Beach is close to Lamai and Chaweng. Like Coral Cove, it is a small haven for travellers keen on frolicking amongst the colourful fish population. Silver Beach remains a hidden gem amongst the coves to snorkel in Samui.

A day spent gazing at the rich sights of the coral reef and basking in the delights of the sun is a memory worth creating… especially when accompanied by a luxurious Samui Island Tour full of tasty treats and lively landscapes!

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