Why Is Koh Samui Considered Thailand’s Most Luxurious Holiday Island?

Why Is Koh Samui Considered Thailand’s Most Luxurious Holiday Island?

Thailand is one of the most popular countries for tourism in the world, and Koh Samui is considered now as the most luxurious holiday island… but why?

Here at Boutique Yachting we will explain everything to you, so you can understand it and also see why you definitively need to visit it, because it is a lot of fun. You are going to see!

Tourism In Thailand Is Booming:

Why Is Koh Samui Considered Thailand’s Most Luxurious Holiday Island?

Thailand is only becoming more popular every year and so is Koh Samui. According to stats, visitor arrivals in January to July2018 increased by 11%, totalling 226 million.

More tourists are coming to Thailand because of the great press, but principally, thanks to the amazing experiences that visitors live here, and that they share with their friends and family.

Word of mouth is powerful, and Thailand gives a lot to talk about.

It receives visitors from all over the world:

  1. USA
  2. Russia
  3. China
  4. Malaysia
  5. Singapore
  6. Vietnam
  7. India

And many other countries, because Thailand has become famous all around the world.

It is preferred by visitors of allkind, especially those looking for luxury, and that is why the tourism industry in Thailand is paying special attention to this segment, because it only keeps growing year by year,

Now, let’s see why Samui is such a popular destination, especially for those chasing adventure and luxury.

KohSamui: The Island of Luxury

Why Is Koh Samui Considered Thailand’s Most Luxurious Holiday Island?

Simply put, it is due to the great infrastructure and venues. Here you can find all sort of luxury hotels like the Hansar, Six Senses, Anantara and Banyan Tree.

These resorts and villas offer you all the luxury you can demand, and perhaps, even more, because they have been designed to serve that kind of tourist. Now, before we move on, let’s check the best luxury villas in the island:

  1. Villa Moonshadow Samui
  2. Villa Zest At Lime
  3. Villa Mia
  4. Villa Koh Koon
  5. YL Residence NO.17

They are secluded, in beautiful locations and equipped with all the luxury you need for the perfect holiday!

The accommodation options in the island have been modeled after the demands of itsvisitors. Many come here to celebrate their wedding or honeymoon, so it is evident why they wish to make it a luxurious and unforgettable experience.

You also have luxury spas and wellness centers like the Tamarind Springs Forest Spa, Absolute Sanctuary, Kamalaya and LUXSA Spa. They offer exactly what they advertise, a profound and fulfilling experience of peace and relaxation, which is the perfect addition to your getaway.

In these spas you can find the best from traditional and advanced treatments. Furthermore, they can also help you with your diet and complementary activities like meditation, to make your experience even better.

When it comes to outdoors and leisure activities, Koh Samui is very generous. You can rent your own private charter with us to celebrate your honeymoon, for example.

We will take you to explore the Ang Thong Marine Park, or navigate around Samui, to discover it from a different perspective. You can even celebrate your wedding aboard, for a different, incredible and luxurious experience. What a way to do it!

You can also organize parties aboard, rent it for an overnight charter with your friends/family, and model the experience as you prefer it. You can choose the meals, the music and all the elements, to make this adventure special and eternal.

You can also take part in all sort of water sports: kayaking, snorkeling, diving, seawalking, kitesurfing, surfing, paddleboarding and many others.

You also have fine dining options that will make your stay memorable, and romantic, if you are coming with your loved one. The island puts amazing options at your disposal:

  1. Chez Francois
  2. Tree Tops Sky Dining
  3. Barracuda Restaurant
  4. The View Restaurant
  5. Dining on the Rocks at Choeng Mon Beach

There you will find exquisite meals and the perfect environment for an unforgettable experience. They are perfect for a romantic getaway, because they can personalize the experience to meet your expectations.

You also have exotic and elegant venues like the Nikki Beach Club. It is the perfect venue for weddings and parties, because its location is excellent. It cannot get any better. You can enjoy the best of Thai and international cuisine, stay in the resort or treat yourself at the spa.

Without any doubts, an option to consider, because it has everything you need for a luxurious, relaxing and unforgettable holiday.

You also can assist and participatein famous and prestigious events like Samui Regatta, which is organized every year in the island, where competitors from all over the world come here to participate. They bring their best ships to Koh Samui. Over 500 competitors join it every year, and it also includes parties and events at Chaweng Beach.

For this and more, Koh Samui is the ultimate luxury holiday island, and you should definitively come here!

Conclusion and Final Words:

We have arrived to the end of this article. Now it should be clear why Koh Samui is considered as the best luxurious holiday island, and its popularity is only increasing.

If you have any question or doubt,feel free to comment below, so we can answer and help you to plan your holidays to this amazing island!

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