Best Time of the Year to Visit Koh Samui: What You Need to Know

Planning to visit this paradisiac island? Awesome! You are going to have a blast here, because Samui offers you everything you need, depending on your objectives: relaxation, fun, adventure, etc. It has everything for every kind of traveler. Worry not.

In this article, we are going to talk about the best time of the year to visit Koh Samui, so you can plan your vacations accordingly to have the best time.

Once again, it comes to you thanks to Boutique Yachting, and we hope that you enjoy it. If you have questions or doubts, feel free to comment them below, or even better, contact us!

In order to make things easier for you, we’ve divided this post according to activities and other factors, depending on what you want to do in Koh Samui.

A General Overview on Koh Samui’s Weather:

What is it like?

Best Time of the Year to Visit Koh Samui: What You Need to Know

In short, it is sunny and hot, exactly what you would expect from an island destination. This weather makes it perfect for those craving water and sand, because you will be able to enjoy its beautiful beaches.

However, as you will see below, there are some exceptions; but generally, this is what you will get when you come to visit. That is why so many people love Koh Samui, because it offers you everything to fully enjoy it and spend your holidays in a real paradise in earth.

When Is It the Cheapest?

Not everyone has a large budget to spend on a luxury vacation to Koh Samui, so if you are trying to cut costs down, then you also need to come to the island when it is the cheapest. So, what’s the best time to save money? From October to November.

Why? Because they are also known as the “rainy months”, so not a lot of people come during this season, and consequently, you will be able to get good deals in hotels, tours and more. Even though there will be rain, the weather won’t be so bad, and you will still have sunny days, so it is a good deal.

If October or November don’t work for you, then you can also save money by coming in April, May or June. As the weather is hotter and more humid than usual, you won’t have lots of tourists flooding the island, so you will also find great deals.

When is the Best Time to Visit the Ang Thong Marine Park?

If you wish to visit it (remember that we can take you there, because we have the best ships in the island), then the ideal time is during late December until September, because the park is closed every year from November to early December.

You have a lot of time to plan your vacation in case you want to visit this attraction, which is one of the most popular in the country. You will absolutely love it, just like the many visitors that come here every year to witness the abundant and exotic wildlife and its natural beauty.

This time is also excellent for kayaking, so if you would like to try it, then try to come in the aforementioned months. You will have a blast. Bet on it.

When Is the Best Time for Scuba Diving and Snorkeling?

Best Time of the Year to Visit Koh Samui: What You Need to Know

If you want to practice these sports in Koh Samui – or in a nearby island like Koh Tao which is very popular for those who practice snorkeling and diving – then you need to come during March, April, May and early December.

The water temperature and conditions will be ideal, and in addition, you will get the chance to witness whale sharks and tons of exotic marine life. Generally, these waters are perfect for beginners, because they are calm. No great challenge to face, so, no worries.

When Is It The Sunniest?

It is also the best time for swimming, because the weather is great and the sun is shining at its max! If you are looking for that, then the best time is from December to April, you won’t have to deal with rain. Not even a bit.

If you cannot make it during these months, then you can also come from May to September, but be aware that you may have to deal with a bit of rain, not a lot, but still, it will rain. Hopefully, most of the time, they will occur during the night or late afternoon, after you have had lots of fun at the beach.

The hottest month is April, and it is another popular time to come, because during it the Songkran festival takes place, one of the most important celebrations in the country.

What Is The Driest Season?

If you are looking for the driest month of the year in Koh Samui, then the trophy goes for February. It is very dry, so you will be able to forget about rain for a while. However, remember to protect your skin properly, because this month is exceptionally sunny and therefore your skin will be more exposed to damage.

What to Wear During Raining Season?

Best Time of the Year to Visit Koh Samui: What You Need to Know

Now that you have a general overview on the weather of Koh Samui and what is the best time to visit depending on what you want to do, it is time to give you a few tips regarding the raining season, in case a storm catches you:

  1. A travel towel
  2. Waterproof phone case, self-explanatory
  3. A rain jacket
  4. A rain poncho
  5. A good pair of rainy season sandals like Teva Zirra or Chaco Yampa
  6. Mosquito repellent.

There you have it. If you are planning to come during rainy season, then take these tips into account. They will help you lots. Lots!

Final Words

We have arrived to the conclusion of this article. We hope you enjoyed it and found it useful.

As you can see, the weather in Koh Samui is generally awesome but with a few exceptions. However, they offer you in exchange huge savings in hotels, tours, space, etc. So, you can take advantage of that and start planning your visit to the island!

5 Reasons to Fall in Love With Koh Samui’s Choeng Mon Beach

What’s not to love about Koh Samui? It is beautiful, romantic, entertaining and exotic. What else could you ask for?

Here you can find an outstanding variety of beautiful beaches like Chaweng, Lamai, Bophut and Choeng Mon, about which we are going to talk today. You are going to love it from solely reading this article, so be ready to visit it, because you won’t be able to resist it!

This article comes to you thanks to Boutique Yachting, and we hope that you enjoy it. As always, feel free to leave your doubts and questions at the end, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

#1 – Very Convenient

5 Reasons to Fall in Love With Koh Samui’s Choeng Mon Beach

Unlike other beaches that are tucked too far away, and therefore become not very convenient, Choeng Mon is different, because it is near to shops and everything you might need.

Did you forget to buy sunscreen? No problem, just walk to the village and buy it. It won’t take more than a couple of minutes. Solved. Not only that, because you can also find pharmacies, banks, car rental stations, shops and more. Everything is conveniently near.

It is wonderful to visit this beach, because you can get everything you might need from the village. It does not matter what you might have forgotten to buy, a short walk will solve all of your problems.

#2 – The Sand Is Great and the Ambience Rocks

If the quality of sand is one of your main concerns when visiting a beach, then you need to come to Choeng Mon, because it is sugary, soft and white. You will love it, guaranteed!

If you come with children, then they will love playing with it. Talking a walk across the beach will be a lovely and sweet experience, thanks to the amazing sand you will find here, and of course, due to the beautiful ambience. It rocks.

This beach has its own personality and character, because it is different to the other options in many senses. It is something you will understand when you come here. The bungalows, the warm and crystalline water, the sugary white sand and many other things make it truly special, and thereby a worthy destination.

#3 – Lots of Free Space and Not Very Touristy

5 Reasons to Fall in Love With Koh Samui’s Choeng Mon Beach

If you are tired of visiting crowded attractions – and beaches – then give yourself a break and breathe the fresh marine air at Choeng Mon. As it is not very touristy, you will have lots of free space for you to walk and enjoy. Just imagine it and submerge yourself in such a beautiful and pleasant idea, and even better, make it come true!

It also has a mystical feeling, because even though it is very convenient, it feels like a secluded beach, you know, like a secret. This amazing combination makes Choeng Mon one of the best beaches, because you can enjoy of peace and such an exciting feeling while having everything near to you. What else could you ask for?

For this very same reason, it is a romantic destination that you must visit if you come with your partner. You can even include it in your honeymoon, because you won’t regret visiting it, to the contrary, you will fall in love with the experience.

In fact, Koh Samui is an amazing destination for just-married couples, and for that very reason, many visitors come here to celebrate their honeymoon, and many of them include Choeng Mon!

#4 – Delicious Food at Your Reach

The delicious food that you will find here will make the experience even better, because there is nothing better than enjoying a delicious meal after a day at the beach. You will have different options at your disposal, so you can send your taste buds to surf the delicious waves of flavors that you will experience.

Right here in the beach you will find different options to kill your hunger in the best way. You can enjoy of delicious and fast breakfast, along with different options for the lunch. You can enjoy the freshest local fruit and many other cooked meals.

For real, if you come here, then you must try seafood. It will be very fresh for you, and believe us, because eating it will differ from any other previous experience. Your taste buds will explode in happiness. The eateries you will find in the beach can serve you it in different ways: grilled, fried, steamed, etc. Only go there, look at the options and enjoy!

You also have your fair share of nearby restaurants, where you can eat a great variety of food, and of course, it includes the exotic and delicious Thai cuisine. You can also find pizzerias, Korean food, Indian restaurants, etc. If you got the munchies, then worry not, because you will find the most delicious meals in Choeng Mon!

Without delicious food you cannot call a destination perfect, and this is another reason to love this beach, because it really over delivers! Again, don’t miss out the chance to try seafood, you will thank us later 😉

#5 – Beautiful Sunsets that You Will Only Find Here

5 Reasons to Fall in Love With Koh Samui’s Choeng Mon Beach

Finally, if you are looking for the most beautiful sunsets that will cause a great impression on you – and that you can immortalize with your camera – then Choeng Mon has exactly what you need.

Also, remember that it is not possible to sunsets from every beach in Koh Samui. Sadly, that’s the true, but there is nothing to worry about, because here in Choeng Mon you will find the most beautiful ones. It will be a show by Mother Nature that you will never forget. It will stay with you forever.

Final Words:

Now you have 5 reasons to fall in love with Cheong Mon. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to visit it if you are already in Koh Samui, or if you are coming soon, then add it to your list, because you must come here! 😉

The Best 5 Dining Experiences in Koh Samui: Make Your Visit Delicious and Memorable

The Best Souvenirs Are Not Material:

The best souvenirs are experiences, and we are sure that you will agree with us on this.

Food is one of the main attractions of Thailand, because it is exotic and delicious, and you can find amazing restaurants in Koh Samui.

Today, we – Boutique Yachting – are going to share with you the five most incredible dining experiences you can live during your time in the island.

Without anything more to add, let’s start!

#1 – Dining on the Rocks:

The Best 5 Dining Experiences in Koh Samui: Make Your Visit Delicious and Memorable

Right on Choeng Mon Beach, you will find one of the most elegant, exotic and excellent restaurants in Koh Samui: Dining on the Rocks.

Featuring New Asian Cuisine, this award-winning restaurant is in the luxury Six Senses Resort, one of the best places to stay in the island. Here you can enjoy the best of local and international cuisine, presented in an elegant and original way.

The chef in charge is Olive Potter, who began his career in 2008 in the UK, and since then, he has grown into a talented and highly experienced culinary professional who will prepare dishes to delight all of your senses. His extensive preparation and years of experimentation and constant learning will be at your total service.

The delicious food blends perfectly with the natural beauty of the place, making it the perfect romantic dining experience. Therefore, if you are coming with your partner to Koh Samui, then you should definitively give Dining on the Rocks a visit. It will be an unforgettable experience.

This restaurant is here, because it is one of the most beautiful locations in the island and the food is delicious and diverse, so it is the perfect match for an exotic evening out.

Come and visit, because the fantastic view of the blue sea and the surrounding nature will make your mind transcend the typical and mundane and get in touch with the divine and majestic… even if only for one night.

#2 – Tree Tops Sky Dining:

The Best 5 Dining Experiences in Koh Samui: Make Your Visit Delicious and Memorable

An authentic dining experience that you can only live in Koh Samui.

As the name elegantly suggests, the rooms of this restaurant are located on tall trees, which you can access through a catwalk or staircase.

You can find this amazing dining experience in Anantara Lawana Resort located in Chaweng. Like Six Senses Resort, it is one of the best places to stay in the island, because they have designed everything to make your time in Koh Samui simply unforgettable…

You should reserve as soon as possible, because it is very popular and tends to get booked out quickly.

The location is simply perfect, because the surrounding nature and the ancient trees make it a magical and special experience that you need to live when visiting Koh Samui.

The specialties of this restaurant are Thai gastronomy, seafood and red meats. Furthermore, you can also choose between the menus at your disposal, which are accompanied with the finest selection of wines.

Overall, one of the most elegant and original restaurants in the island.

#3 – The View Restaurant:

The Best 5 Dining Experiences in Koh Samui: Make Your Visit Delicious and Memorable

Like the two other options – Tree Tops Sky Dining and Dining on the RocksThe View Restaurant is also located in a luxury resort: Melati Beach Resort & Spa.

If you are looking for a beachfront restaurant with a beautiful decoration that blends the best from modern and traditional styles, then you have to come here.

Here you will enjoy of delicious food and the best view to Koh Phangan. Furthermore, you can also request their romantic beach dining experience if you prefer.

The best options here are the Thai food and the Mediterranean cuisine, because they excel in these categories.

In summary, it is one of the most exotic and romantic dining experiences in Koh Samui, because what could be better than a beachfront restaurant? Come and experience it yourself!

#4 – Orgasmic Beach Restaurant:

The Best 5 Dining Experiences in Koh Samui: Make Your Visit Delicious and Memorable

This minimalist, beautiful and elegant venue is located at the eastern end of Bophut Beach, and is one of the best places to dine under the stars… a romantic experience that you can only live in Koh Samui.

The view is amazing, the environment is perfect and the food is mind-blowing, because it combines the best from the West and the East, for a fusion of flavors that will send your taste buds on an unforgettable trip.

The restaurant does not have any fancy or “spectacular” decoration, but the environment and everything about it is simply perfect in its own way. You have to come here to understand what we are talking about.

#5 – H Bistro:

The Best 5 Dining Experiences in Koh Samui: Make Your Visit Delicious and Memorable

This magnificent venue is in Hansar Resort, and it is one of the principal attractions, because it is located right on the beachfront at the western-end of Bophut’s Fisherman’s Village, bringing you a privileged view that will make your dining experience both surreal and romantic at the same time.

The most intense and romantic experience is their “Dining under the Stars” option, which is available upon request. This is the best for couples, because the table for two set on the beach – under a beautiful pavilion and surrounded by elegant and romantic decoration – will make this an amazing experience.

The good is amongst the best, because they use the freshest and best-quality ingredients to prepare all of their dishes. You can enjoy the best of both international and Thai cuisine with a wide myriad of options at your entire disposal.

This place checks all the boxes, because the food and location are marvelous.

Final Words:

Koh Samui is a fantastic place and it is not short in fantastic, original and romantic dining experiences that you and your partner can live together.

Now you have the top five options that you can enjoy. On different locations of the island, you have plenty where to choose from.

If you have any comment or question, feel free to post it below. We are more than happy to hear what you have to add!

The Best 6 Family-Friendly Attractions & Activities in Samui

This beautiful island is perfect for every kind of visitor. From solo travelers to just-married couples and entire families, this paradise has something for all of them.

In this opportunity, here at Boutique Yachting, we are going to share with you the best activities to do with your entire family, because you are here to enjoy and that’s exactly what you will get.

Enough, let’s start with this so you can plan your trip, or on the other hand, in case you are already here, know what you can do to have lots of fun with your kids!

#1 – A Tour to Ang Thong Marine Park: Because Your Family MUST Visit It

Welcome to Angthong Marine Park

Not being rude, but such a majestic destination deserves your visit, especially if you come with your family, because you are going to see some of the most beautiful sights of your life and have lots of fun!

Our tour is exactly what you need to discover this amazing place with your family:

We will explore 42 islands where you will appreciate some of the most beautiful landscapes that the world can offer, because what you will see here will have a deep impact in your soul and mind… it will be unforgettable.

You will enjoy of a delicious breakfast and a varied buffet while you see the amazing and exotic landscapes that solely the Ang Thong Marine Park can offer you.

You will also explore the Ang Thong Marine Park and get a chance to climb the steps that will take you to the top of the island. If you are a privileged overview of everything it has to share with you, then you should definitively climb, but remember that it is challenging, yet it is worth the effort.

We will visit beautiful beaches like Wua Talab, where you can swim and relax in its crystal-clear waters.

Overall, this is an experience that you and your family will enjoy from beginning to end!

#2 – Where Golf and Football Meet: Samui Football Golf

The Best 6 Family-Friendly Attractions & Activities in Samui

If you are in the mood of trying something different and very authentic of Samui, then you need to try football golf!

As the name clearly tells, it is a mix between both sports and it is a lot of fun, and that is why it is becoming more popular around the world.

You will have to steer a football into the 18 holes of the camp with as few strokes as possible. It is the same as golf, but instead of using a club and the traditional ball, you will be using your football skills and a soccer ball.

You will have sixty minutes of fun with your family, because this activity is perfect for you and your kids.

The court is not very large, so it won’t take you more than one hour to complete it. Overall, it is very entertaining, because it will put your skills and precision to test.

When you finally complete the course, you all will get a commemorative ring that proves your victory!

Want to give it a try? Then all you have to do is to arrive to the Beach Road, which is just 5 minutes away from the Big Buddha and 10 minutes from Chaweng.

#3 – Adventures at Coco Splash Adventure & Water Park: 10,000 Square Feet of Adrenaline and Fun

The Best 6 Family-Friendly Attractions & Activities in Samui

If you are looking for an exciting water park, then you will find Coco Splash Adventure & Water Park in Lamai!

Here you will find the following attractions:

  1. A refreshing and exciting waterpark
  2. A bungee trampoline
  3. A bouncy castle
  4. Go karts (pedal)
  5. Bumper boats
  6. An entertaining mini-golf course.

Everyone can enjoy the park, because you can find slides that are just perfect for small children. On the other hand, you will also find the ones that will give you the shoot of adrenaline you are looking for!

The restaurant is quite good as well, because there you will find exquisite Thai and Western dishes, so you can replenish your energies after a day of fun.

You can find it on 124/5-7, off Haad Lamai Road, Lamai.

#4 – A Tour around Samui Island: Discovering the Wonders of this Paradise

The Best 6 Family-Friendly Attractions & Activities in Samui

If you want to take your family on a tour that they will never forget, then this is the perfect solution for you:

In this fantastic trip you will navigate around the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Tan, Koh Madsum and the Five Islands. We’ve designed this tour so that you can see the best from each attraction from the comfort of your yacht.

The best part of this tour is that you can do many interesting and exciting activities alongside your family:

  1. Explore the waters of Koh Samui snorkeling with your family
  2. Swim and feel the peace and energy that only this paradise can bring you
  3. Sightseeing of the most beautiful scenery you will see in your life.

Furthermore, the tour also includes a buffet with the best Thai and international food, so that you can send your taste buds in a delicious trip as well!

You will learn everything about Samui and every single destination in the itinerary, so you can know more about the place you are visiting and why it is so special.

Finally, if you just want to relax with your family, then this is the tour for you. The fresh sea breeze and the beautiful and relaxing sight will make you find peace and total satisfaction. This is a kind of experience that you will only get here in Koh Samui.

#5 – Samui Canopy Adventure: Discovering Samui’s Rainforest in an Exciting Way

The Best 6 Family-Friendly Attractions & Activities in Samui

If you are looking for adventure in middle of the majestic and exotic rainforest of Samui, then this is exactly what you need!

Exploring this beautiful part of the paradise is better when ziplining, and that’s exactly what you will do here. And worry not, because it is available for your kids as well, because it is extreme yet safe!

However, take note that children must be older than 5 years to join this activity.

You will soar through the air at up to 80 kilometers per hour, so if you are looking for lots of fun, then this is for you! You will feel a bit scared at first, but worry not, because in no time you will be enjoying the speed and adrenaline of this special tour!

You will get privileged sights of the rainforest like waterfalls and stunning scenery that will stick in your mind forever!

You will cover over 2 kilometers of the forest between 18 different platforms. Without any doubts, this is the kind of activity that you MUST do if you want to get priceless memories from your visit to Samui!

However, take note that this is not for the light-hearted. Therefore, if you are easily scared or susceptible to intense emotions, then this tour might not be a good idea for you, but you should give it a try to face your fears 😉

Book your ZIP-Line Adventure Now!

#6 – Need for Speed: Become Speed Racer for a Day at Samui Go-Kart

The Best 6 Family-Friendly Attractions & Activities in Samui

Are you craving speed? Then you will not find a better place to satisfy them than at Samui Go-Kart, one of the best places to come with your kids for lots of fun.

The island has this attraction since 1993, and since then, it has attracted lots of tourists and locals looking for a fun and adrenaline-fueled adventure.

Everyone can join, however, take note that children must be at least 7 years old to enter. It is for their own security.

You will have a 500-meter long track to compete against your friends or family. Furthermore, you can choose between different types of karts depending on your age and skills:

  1. For Beginners: The 5 HP kart is the best pick (tops at 40 KM/H)
  2. For Intermediate Users: The 13 HP kart is ideal (tops at 75 KM/H)
  3. For Advanced Users: The 25 HP kart is perfect for you (tops at 125 KM/H).

You will find plenty of challenging turns, so you can put your skills to test. From the moment you enter, the fun will be guaranteed! A ten-minute ride is merely 700 Baht, which is around $20 USD. Not extremely cheap, yet it is neither expensive.

You can find this exciting attraction on 101/2 Moo 1, Samui Ring Road, Bophut, Samui.


Now you know what you can do in this exciting island with all of your family.

We hope you liked these six attractions and activities, because we want you to enjoy your stay as much as possible!

If you have any question regarding our tours or you need extra help planning your trip, then don’t be afraid to send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The Best 5 Koh Samui Luxury Hotels: Live a 5 Stars Holiday!

Koh Samui is such a beautiful place, a real paradise in earth…

However, do you know how to make it even better? Yes, all you have to do is to host yourself in a 5-star holiday.

If you want to take the luxury level of your holidays to the next stage, then enjoy this article that will show you the best luxury hotels in the island.

From the team of Boutique Yachting, we wish you a happy trip through this post! 😉

#1 – Hansar Samui Resort & Spa:

The Best 5 Koh Samui Luxury Hotels: Live a 5 Stars Holiday!

It is only 2 minutes walking distance away from Bophut Beach. Its proximity to this beautiful beach, the ocean, its amazing infinity pool and excellent amenities make it an excellent resort for you.

The restaurant of the hotel is surprisingly good, because it has some of the best chefs in the island, so you can enjoy the best of Thai and international cuisine.

The service is excellent, reliable and friendly. They have designed the rooms to be the perfect blend between luxury, technology, comfort and proximity to the nature, because from your room or villa you can enjoy all the beauty that this island has to offer.

Overall, this hotel has everything you need for a luxury, unforgettable and truly exciting adventure in Koh Samui, because everything has been engineered to the degree of perfection!

#2 – Six Senses Samui:

The Best 5 Koh Samui Luxury Hotels: Live a 5 Stars Holiday!

One of the most exciting and beautiful resorts in not only Thailand, but also Southeast Asia.

It is located on the extreme north of the island and what outstands out from it is that you will have the chance to appreciate the beautiful and stunning views of the Gulf of Thailand.

Here you can rent luxury villas, which are perfect for both entire families as well as couples spending their honeymoon in this beautiful island.

It includes everything you could wish for: spa, different dining experiences with the best chefs, refreshing and beautiful pools, fully equipped gym, bar and more.

It is only 10 minutes from Koh Samui’s airport.

The villas have their own swimming pools, from where you can appreciate the beauty of the Gulf of Thailand, an experience that you will not live anywhere else!

Overall, we can recommend you this hotel, because it will offer you the luxury and experiences you are looking for.

#3 – Anantara Bophut Resort & Spa:

The Best 5 Koh Samui Luxury Hotels: Live a 5 Stars Holiday!

This hotel stands out because it is perfect for families, thanks to its tranquil atmosphere and secluded ambience.

It is located on the Bophut Beach, a beautiful and must-visit attraction in the island. The swimming pool of the Anantara Bophut Resort & Spa is beautiful, large and perfect for individuals as well as families with kids, because they can play here without problems.

The views are exotic, beautiful and inviting. They will stick in your mind forever, because you will observe the vast ocean and magnificent sky of Koh Samui while you enjoy of a relaxing moment in the pool.

The rooms are elegant, comfortable and luxurious; exactly what you are looking for. What we like about the hotel is that there is a lot of green and contact with the nature, so you can enjoy the luxury without missing out the wonderful nature of Koh Samui.

It is only 15 minutes from Koh Samui’s airport, so it is fairly easy and fast to reach. All in all, a place where you can stay and truly enjoy what this island has to offer you!

#4 – Banyan Tree:

The Best 5 Koh Samui Luxury Hotels: Live a 5 Stars Holiday!

Another magnificent option that offers you a perfect blend of benefits for your stay:

  1. Private beach, so you can enjoy special and personal moments with your partner
  2. Excellent restaurants with delicious food
  3. Stunning swimming pools to relax and have fun
  4. Amazing and beautiful views.

It is one of the best hotels on Lamai Beach, and furthermore, the rooms are stunningly beautiful and comfortable.

There are rooms with their own private pools, if that’s what you are looking for, then you will find it here. But what makes this hotel stands out is that the views are exceptionally beautiful, so you can relax and enjoy an invaluable moment with your partner.

Moreover, you can also enjoy of relaxing massages at the spa and also make use of the fitness center, but in all honesty, you will be too busy spending your time on the beach and the amazing facilities of the hotel rather than working out!

Overall, this is one of the best places to stay in Koh Samui if you are looking for real luxury!

#5 – Vana Belle:

The Best 5 Koh Samui Luxury Hotels: Live a 5 Stars Holiday!

An amazing luxury hotel on Chaweng Noi, one of the most beautiful beaches not only in Koh Samui, but also in the entire country. You will appreciate the beauty of this beach from the comfort of your own room, and of course, you can also visit it and spend your day on it!

It is in this listing because it has marvelous Ocean View Suites with a private swimming pool. We can bet on it that you will not find something more luxurious than this, because you can solely find it at Vana Belle!

Here in the hotel you can also find a fantastic spa where you can simply relax and spoil yourself for a while…

Furthermore, the hotel is very close to the best nightlife venues in the island, which makes it perfect for couples on their honeymoon. If that’s your case, you will enjoy it a lot!

All in all, this is one of those hotels that will make your stay in Koh Samui much better, because it will gift you priceless memories!

Final Words:

Now you have a solid list of the best 5 luxury hotels in Koh Samui.

This is the best way to complement your visit to the island, because in these resorts you will be able to live like a King during your visit, so give it a try and you won’t regret it!

Hiring a Photographer in Samui: 5 Steps to Find the Perfect Shutterbug

If you want to document your wedding, honeymoon or your adventures in this paradise on earth, then you will need an excellent photographer, and we are going to show you how to hire it!

Here at Boutique Yachting we know how important this visit is for you, and therefore, you need to immortalize those moments not only in your mind but also in photos.

Without anything more to add, let’s start!

#1 – What Do You Need?

Photographer on Samui

There are different types of photographer, and you choice will depend on what you need.

Are you going to celebrate your wedding here in Koh Samui? Then you will need someone with experience in wedding photography.

Do you want to document your adventures on the beach while having fun? Then you need someone who has done something similar in the past.

Do you wish to take photographs while you surf and do other extreme sports? Then, again, you will need someone with the equipment and experience necessary to do it.

It all starts with defining exactly what you need. That’s the starting point, and thereby you need to be as clear as possible.

Going for a very niche-specific professional will cost more, but it will be worth it, because you want the best photos – and therefore – you need the best option in Samui.

Be specific, niche down and win!

Important note: Define your budget from the beginning and choose your candidates based on it. If some of them do not disclose their pricing on their website, a simple call or email will do the trick.

#2 – The Portfolio:

Hiring a Photographer in Samui: 5 Steps to Find the Perfect Shutterbug

Once you have found your first candidates, which should be at least 5, it is time to look at their portfolio.

Worry not, because there are many photographers in Samui. The best way to find them is by searching in the internet. Grab as many options as you please, so you can make a very informed decision in the end.

Now, it is important to check the portfolio, so you can check their talent, and what a better way than by checking what they have already done for previous clients?

Compare their work and pick the candidates that you believe will deliver the best results.

Extra points if they have done a very similar sessions to what you want, because it means they will understand you better and be able to deliver exactly what you wish. Simply perfect!

#3 – Look For Consensus:

Hiring a Photographer in Samui: 5 Steps to Find the Perfect Shutterbug

Photographers can be masters at marketing, but in the end, it only matters if they can deliver.

However, you cannot know it beforehand, and that is when consensus comes into play. You need to look for reviews from previous clients to verify that the photographer you are about to choose really knows how to deliver what you are looking for.

If after reading the reviews there is a positive consensus in favor of the photographer, it is a safe bet to choose it.

Take your time to dig as deep as possible through the entire internet. Check the social profiles (Facebook and GMB), the website itself and even look for his/her name or brand in the internet. This will allow you to obtain a better overview.

It is important to do this even if their portfolio rocks, because they may not be responsible and you need to ensure that the photographer is excellent in all senses.

#4 – Interview Them Online:

Hiring a Photographer in Samui: 5 Steps to Find the Perfect Shutterbug

Before meeting them personally, it is a good idea to “screen” them online.

Interview them online, ask your questions and make sure that they respond correctly. They need to be friendly, and even though they don’t need to respond instantly, a relatively fast response time is a good signal.

Talk with them online or over the phone and make your own conclusions. Based on this, go on and pick your candidates for the final step.

#5 – Meet Them Personally:

Hiring a Photographer in Samui: 5 Steps to Find the Perfect Shutterbug

If you want to seal the deal, then first you need to meet them personally.

At this point, you should have just a handful of candidates, so talking to them in person shouldn’t be a problem. It will take some time, yes, but it is totally worth it, because the degree of importance of this sessions deserves it.

Ask as many questions as you need, and make sure that they can answer them properly. Make sure that they can deliver what you want, especially if it is a very important event like your wedding or honeymoon.

Everything needs to be perfect, so make sure that you actually put effort into this.

Now you should have your perfect photographer ready for your session!

Why Is Samui the Perfect Location for Your Photographs?

Because it has stunning and beautiful scenery for your photos.

The environment makes it perfect for all sort of things and that include amazing and mind-blowing photos sessions! Plus, the weather is great and you check it in the official Thai Meteorological Department website.

It is a booming island that is attracting tons of visitors from all parts of the world, and that is why we can see beautiful villas like Four Seasons.

It has everything you need for that perfect photo session that will amaze you and everyone that knows you!

This is especially the case if you decide to host the photo session during your private charter. You have so many beautiful sceneries at your disposal like the Ang Thong National Park and so many others that your photos will be simply perfect.

Overall, that is why it is a top destination for many things, and that includes incredible photographs!

Final Words:

Now you know how to hire that perfect shutterbug that will immortalize your most important and special moments in Samui.

If you have any other question, feel free to post it so we can help you.

Remember that we can make your wedding, honeymoon or any other important even the best of your life! Contact us and reserve your charter today.

Samui’s Hidden Secrets: 6 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Koh Samui

Every place has its secrets, and Koh Samui is not the exception.

If you want to see more than the typical touristic sights and attractions, then this article will be your guide to the hidden treasures of this exotic and beautiful island.

Worry not, because you can visit and do these things without legal restrictions. They are only very off the track and many persons who visit Koh Samui never hear about them, but today you are going to make the difference!

And of course, you can always take a tour with us, be it to Ang Thong Marine Park or set your own itinerary with your private charter. Here at Boutique Yachting we are ready to help!

Let’s start right now!

#1 – Visit The Secret Waterfalls of Koh Samui:

samui hidden waterfall

This island is home to real natural wonders, and these secret waterfalls are the perfect example of this.

You cannot miss these waterfalls during your visit to Koh Samui:

Hin Lad:

You can find it near to the Wat Namtok Temple, three KMs south of Nathon Town.

If you want an area to relax and concentrate on your deepest thoughts, then the Hind Lad waterfall is the place to be. If you are a yoga practitioner, then this is the perfect place to bring your matt and practice, because you will find peace.

You can swim and enjoy your time here without problems. The flora that surrounds the falls is majestic and it will leave you speechless.


You can find these waterfalls in the center of Koh Samui, 12 KMs Southeast of Nathon Bay.

These two waterfalls will leave you speechless with their beauty. You can swim and find peace in these falls, because the water is refreshing and the environment that surrounds them is magical.

You can visit these falls by taking a short walk. The road to Namuang 1 is easy, but the walk to Namuang 2 can be more challenging. Although, in both cases, it is a lot of fun.

Wang Sao Thong:

You can find it 2 kilometers Southeast from Namuang 2 waterfall. However, it is important to say that this fall is only active during rainy season.

Nonetheless, if you are here during this season, then you cannot forget to visit it.

The surroundings are magical and make this fall a perfect destination for every kind of traveler: alone, with a partner or with your entire family.

#2 – Practice Muay Thai:

It should not be surprising that you can also practice the most popular sport in the country.

The thing is that not many tourists dare to join a camp and train like a traditional Thai fighter, but if you want, then you can do it in Koh Samui.

You can opt for a pack of classes or directly join a bootcamp for a longer extension of time. Usually, the price per class is 300 THB, approximately $9.4 USD.

It is up to you about how grueling you want this experience to be. Anyway, joining a Muay Thai bootcamp will make you grow as a person and improve you in many senses.

#3 – Practice Flyboarding and Feel like Superman:

Flyboarding in samui

And if you could listen to this while flyboarding, then it would be the complete experience:

Anyway, there are many watersports you can practice in Koh Samui, but this is one of the most extreme and interesting options.

If you are looking for a shot of adrenaline and a set of unforgettable memories, then you need to practice it.

Furthermore, if you wish, then you can opt for the jet pack version. However, we really recommend you to try the traditional flyboarding, because you will love the experience!

It costs around 4000 THB for 30 minutes, which equals to $125 USD approximately. A bit expensive, but totally worth it.

#4 – Shot Guns like in Counter Strike:

“Roger that!”

You do not have to travel to Texas to shot guns like in real life, or if you are a gamer, then like in Counter Strike.

You can practice this at Samui Shooting Range. You have a wide and fine selection of guns at your disposal, from small handguns to powerful Dessert Eagle Magnums, AK47s and sniper rifles.

However, take note that it can be quite expensive, but anyway, it is worth the experience. If weapons are not legal in your country, then this is the perfect moment to give them a try!

#5 – Learn How to Cook Thai Food:

Cooking Class in Koh Samui

If you love Thai food, then you should definitively learn how to cook it, and you can do it in Koh Samui.

You can find excellent cooking schools in this island, and here you have a few examples:

  • Thai Cooking Class Samui
  • Island Organics Samui Thai Cooking Classes
  • InFusion Cooking Classes Koh Samui

The experience is amazing, because you get to learn the secrets and details about Thai cuisine that you will not find anywhere else, because traditional Thai food is different from what you will find in America and several other Western countries.

Therefore, if you want to learn an skill to impress everyone when you come back home, then make sure to give this a try.

#6 – Explore the Spirits and Liquors of Thailand:

Finally, if you wish to explore the local production of the country, then here in Koh Samui you can try a vast selection of beers and the amazing Thai rum.

The best place to drink beer in Koh Samui is at Bees Knees. They brew everything locally, and we have to say that the quality of their beers is excellent.

If you wish to drink Thai rum, then you only have to visit the Magic Alambic Rum Distillery. It is the unique on in the whole country, and while you are here, don’t forget to try the excellent SangSom.

Final Words:

As you can see, there are plenty of tours in Koh Samui. This island brings you a rich and vast set of activities and experiences you can take part.

What do you think? What are you going to do once you arrive?

Let us know in the comments, and if you need help or answers to your questions, only let us know!


Honeymoon in Koh Samui – How to Plan Your Romantic Getaway

Koh Samui is one of the most beautiful and exotic destinations in the world, and thus, the perfect place for your honeymoon. Not in vain many couples from around the world come to Thailand exclusively for this!

Thinking about doing it? Then you need to plan it all carefully. Fortunately, this guide is here for you to do it. We, Boutique Yachting, will show you everything you need to know to make your romantic getaway simply perfect!

Are you ready? Let’s start!

What Does It Have to Offer?

Honeymoon in Koh Samui - How to Plan Your Romantic Getaway

Concisely: what makes Koh Samui an ideal honeymoon destination? The natural beauty of the island is romantic itself, and with all the hotels, spas and things to do you will find here, it is easy to see why so many come here for their honeymoon. There are so many reasons to select Koh Samui for your honeymoon!

The weather is warm and calm, so you and your significant other can swim in the pristine and fresh water of its beautiful beaches. The entire environment is perfect for a romantic getaway, and that is why you should visit it.

Walking around this island is pure bliss and enjoyment. You will live some of the most romantic and special moments of your life here and that is enough reason to come, because memories are the most valuable thing you can have.

Moreover, you can also go on a tour around the island. However, your best option is a private charter, and our wedding charter service is what you are looking for. We’ll take you on the adventure of your life together with your significant other.

Here are the most important attractions and things to do in Koh Samui:

  1. The marvelous archipelago of 42 islands: Ang Thong National Marine Park
  2. Shopping at Nathon Town for incredible deals on excellent clothes and other products
  3. Eat at the incredible restaurants you will find in the island
  4. Enjoy the amazing sights At Hin Ta And Hin Yai, so you can collect memories you and your partner will treasure forever
  5. Discover the mysteries of The Secret Buddha Garden with your loved one
  6. Visit the world famous Big Buddha Temple
  7. Visit the majestic temple of Wat Plai Laem
  8. Live a romantic and sublime experience when visiting the beautiful Na Muang Waterfall
  9. Relax at the multiple world-class spas you will find in the island.

And more. For real, if you want to enjoy the best honeymoon in koh Samui, then you need to come here!

What Is The Best Time to Visit?

Unlike other destinations in Southeast Asia, you can visit it any time of the year. There are three seasons:

  1. Dry season: December-March
  2. Hot season: April-August
  3. Rainy season: September-November

Just contact us and we will help you to arrange everything. However, the best time to visit depends on your goal:

  1. If you want to save money: the rainy season is the best. You can get excellent deals on hotels and pretty much everything
  2. If you want the best weather: then come to Koh Samui in December, January, February, March or April. Take into account that prices will be higher than during rainy season
  3. If you want to explore Ang Thong National Marine Park: then, you must come during December, March or May. These are the months when you will get a real spectacle

Now that you know this, you must plan your honeymoon taking this into account. And again, you can always contact us and we will assist you to plan it perfectly.

How to Arrive to Koh Samui?

Honeymoon in Koh Samui - How to Plan Your Romantic Getaway

Fortunately, it has its own airport and you can travel here from these cities:

  1. Bangkok
  2. Pattaya
  3. Phuket
  4. Singapore

Therefore, all you need to do is to take a flight to any of these cities and then travel to Koh Samui.

Plan It All With Plenty of Time in Advance:

You need to book a hotel, the flight and take care of everything, and you cannot do it all on a rush.

This is not any different to planning your wedding, because this requires of plenty of time in advance as well. Running against the clock will solely expose you to mistakes that can be costly, and furthermore, can ruin your whole honeymoon.

If you want to obtain good deals (by exploring and comparing different offers) and planning everything to the degree of perfection, then take several months to plan this.

Compare Different Hotel Offers:

There is no reason not to take a bit of time to compare different hotel offers. If you want to find the best deals, then invest your time in comparing offers, and finally, picking a winner.

Furthermore, remember that if you want to save even more money, then you need to come during the low season (September to November).

This is essential for planning your perfect honeymoon, because if you can cut down costs when booking your hotel, then you can spend it on more tours and other cool activities (eating at restaurants, visiting neighboring islands, etc.).

It Is All About The Beaches:

Honeymoon in Koh Samui - How to Plan Your Romantic Getaway

Koh Samui is one of the best destinations in the world because of its beautiful and naturally romantic beaches. Here you have a list of the best ones to visit with your loved one:

  1. Lipa Noi
  2. Chaweng
  3. Lamai
  4. Taling Ngam
  5. Choeng Mon
  6. Silver Beach

Visit them and we are pretty sure that you both will fall in love with the sights and the whole experience you will live in these beaches.

You can also do plenty of activities like snorkeling, kitesurfing, kayaking and more. If you are up for an adventure with your partner, then you will find it here!


Now you know what is needed to plan your honeymoon to Koh Samui. Anyway, if you have a specific question you want us to answer, then do not hesitate to contact us here! We will be more than glad to help you!