Top 10 Waterfalls to Admire in Koh Samui

You visiting Samui soon? Then you will want to visit these incredible waterfalls.

They are unique in the world, they have a magnetic aura, lots of natural beauty to show off and they are an amazing spot for photos you can treasure for ages to come.

We are going to give you enough reasons to pack your bags and go straight to visit these waterfalls, because you will not be able to wait to have such a good time!

Boutique Yachting is here to make your holidays phenomenal. Let’s start!

#1 – Namuang Waterfalls:

Top 10 Waterfalls to Admire in Koh Samui

Also known as the Purple Waterfalls, because of the purple tint they possess, are two of the most popular in the island.

Namuang Waterfall 1 and Namuang Waterfall 2 are awaiting for you. A short walk from Nathon Bay is all you need to reach here. You can spend your day at the beach and just spend a bit of your time visiting this majestic attraction. We guarantee you that you will love it.

Each waterfall has its own natural pool, where you can refresh and relax.

#2 – Hin Lad:

Top 10 Waterfalls to Admire in Koh Samui

To get here, you will have to walk more than to reach the Namuang Waterfalls, but it is worth the trip.

You will find this waterfall in the elevated jungle. On the way to Hin Lad, you will be able to observe exclusive landscapes of Koh Samui, and you will have the chance to visit the Hin Lad Waterfall Temple, an active Buddhist temple.

Once you get to Hin Lad, you will be able to appreciate is beauty and to take a refreshing bath in the many natural pools you will find here.

#3 – Tar Nim Waterfall:

Unlike other waterfalls, this one was artificially created to be part of the beautiful Tar Nim’s Magic Garden. Right at the entrance you will find the waterfall; a majestic and beautiful one.

However, unlike Hin Lad and Namuang, it is much smaller, and therefore, you will not have much of a chance to swim. Instead, you should take this as an opportunity to take incredible photos, because the Buddhist garden is very beautiful and exotic.

#4 – Haew Narok Waterfall:

Top 10 Waterfalls to Admire in Koh Samui

One of the most impressive waterfalls in Samui, and you can find it in the Khao Yai National Park. It has an altitude of 150 meters, making it the biggest waterfall in the park.

You will have to walk a trail of approximately 600 meters, but worry not, because it is not that hard. Unlike the hike to Hin Lad, it is much easier, and you will find restaurants and toilets on your way to the waterfall.

If you are visiting the Khao Yai National Park, then don’t miss the opportunity to visit this amazing attraction. You will love it.

#5 – Lat Wanorn Waterfall:

It is the unique waterfall in the Koh Samui where the water flows over the flat stones. Even then, it is one of the lesser-known waterfalls in the island.

It is not hard to get there, you can always find transportation or even get on foot. The terrain is easy to walk on.

It is perfect if you prefer a serene, relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. We are sure that you will love it.

#6 – Tartain Waterfalls:

This is one of the hardest waterfalls to get access to, because getting there is more challenging. Similar to the case of Hin Lad, but we dare to say that that it is even harder.

However, it is worth the trip. You will find this beautiful waterfall deep in the mountains, so some hiking skills and experience will come in handy.

The natural pool where the waterfalls descends into is full of fresh water, perfect for swimming and relaxing.

As it is inside a park, you will find food vendors and some amenities; however, the main attraction is the waterfall.

#7 – Zong Raue Waterfall:

Another quiet and beautiful waterfall that you have to visit if you are looking for that kind of atmosphere. Not many tourists visit it, so it is a perfect opportunity to spend a relaxing time.

This waterfall is unique in the sense that it is located inside a fruit plantation, and take into account that the access is kind of difficult, because you will have to climb.

However, if you are looking for peace and privacy, then it will be worth it.

#8 – Secret Falls:

One of the best places to swim, because this huge waterfall forms a big natural pool. Another advantage of this place is that, because it is of difficult access, you will not find it very crowded, because many tourists avoid it.

You will have plenty of space to enjoy and swim. A must visit during your time in Koh Samui!

#9 – Wang Sao Thong Waterfall:

Top 10 Waterfalls to Admire in Koh Samui

This small waterfall is near to the Namuang Waterfalls. It resembles a small river flowing through the stones, in comparison to the huge Namuang waterfalls.

It is a nice little spot where you can relax, worth a visit if you are already visiting Namuang.

#10 – Khun Si Waterfall:

Top 10 Waterfalls to Admire in Koh Samui

Finally, you also have the Khun Si Waterfall. As many describe it, it is an oasis of tranquility, a spot where you can really relax and enjoy.

It is possible to swim in the upper basin, so you can enjoy of a relaxing swim. Here you will experience what the forest can bring you, a majestic and magic atmosphere.

Take your time to truly experience this place, because you will love it. It is not very touristy, yet surprisingly beautiful and relaxing. Definitively, it is worth the trip.


We have arrived to the end of this article. Now that you know about the top ten waterfalls in Samui, you should include them in your trip, because you will love them.

If you have any question or doubt, make sure to let us know in the comments.


Guide to Fisherman’s Village Samui Old Town in Samui

Koh Samui has many fascinating things to do and places to visit, and one of them is the Fisherman’s Village. This historical part of Bophut is full of interesting places to visit like trendy restaurants, a vibrant street market and boutique shops.

It was once upon a time a prolific fishing community, and even though the reality has changed, it has become a picturesque, beautiful and iconic attraction of Koh Samui.

In this guide, you will learn all about it from how to arrive, what to do, where to stay and everything you need to know to enjoy a pleasant holiday. It all comes to you thanks to Boutique Yachting!

What To Do in Fisherman’s Village?

Guide to Fisherman’s Village Samui Old Town in Samui

This is going to be the biggest part of this post, because there are many things you can do here. Let’s divide them by categories.

If you want to spend your time at the beach, then you can do so, and take part in a wide myriad of different water sports and activities from simply swimming to snorkeling, diving and kitesurfing.

Simply walking by the beach, feeling the breeze of the ocean caressing your face and taking a swim is enough to enjoy this paradise. Of course, you should also grab a spot to appreciate the magnificent sunset. You will love it, and don’t forget to take pictures.

Shopping is also a popular activity. You will find a huge variety of small boutiques and shops where you can buy jewelry, delicious food, souvenirs, clothing (especially women’s), toys, ornaments and more.

If street shopping is not your thing, then you will be happy to know that you can visit The Wharf, a great shopping plaza. You will have enough options to satisfy your shopping needs. However, consider that everything will be a bit expensive, because you have to remember that you are in a highly touristy destination.

However, we cannot finish talking about shopping without mentioning the Walking Street Market. Here you will find a bit of everything, and be prepared to bargain, because you can get pretty good deals!

Guide to Fisherman’s Village Samui Old Town in Samui

Hungry? Worry not, because here you can find pretty good options for tasting delicious and filling food. There are many choices at your disposal, and here you have them:

  1. Krua Bophut Thai Restaurant – One of the top options in this part of Bophut. Delicious food, an elegant and different environment, top-notch service and a precious location. You can find it at 16/16 Moo 1, Bophut Beach Road, Fisherman’s Village
  2. Karma Sutra Bar & Kitchen – Great dishes, refreshing cocktails and a pretty comfortable environment. You can find it at 37 moo 1 tambon Bophut Fisherman s Village, Koh Samui
  3. Chez Francois – One of the best fine dining restaurants not only in Fisherman’s Village, but in the whole Bophut. You can visit it at 33/2 Moo1 Fisherman’s Village, Bophut
  4. Gusto Italiano – If you are looking for the best Italian cuisine in this part of Samui, then you need to visit this restaurant. Find it at 73/3 Moo 1 Fisherman Village, Bophut
  5. Nirvana Restaurant – A nice option with tasty food, a varied menu and a great service and location.

If you are hungry and looking for the best places to eat in Fisherman’s Village, then here you have it. Also, remember that the shops, boutiques and the night market offer you plenty of delicious Thai delicacies.

When it comes to nightlife, all you have to do is to walk by the village road, where you will find plenty of pubs, bars and lounges where to spend the night. However, take into account that this part of Samui is not famous for its nightlife; to the contrary, it is quite calm.

Here you have the most complete summary on all the things to do in Fisherman’s Village. As you can see, it is very laid back, relaxing and calm, however, it is not short of entertainment and novelty.

Want to Stay in Fisherman’s Village?

You will be happy to know that you can find excellent hotels in this part of Bophut, and here you have our top recommendations, divided in different sections. However, take note that some of these options are not in Fisherman’s Village, but they are very close, a taxi ride is all it takes to arrive there.

Guide to Fisherman’s Village Samui Old Town in Samui

On a budget? Worry not; here you have the best affordable hotels:

  1. Arisara Place – Prices start at $35 USD/night, find it at 165/88 Moo 1, T. Bophut, Koh Samui
  2. Pelegrin Hotel Samui – Prices start at $27 USD/night, find it at 59, Moo 1, Lanthong road, Bophut, Koh Samui
  3. Samui Heritage Hotel – Prices start at $25 USD/night, find it at 157/43 Moo 1, Bophut, Koh Samui
  4. Natural Samui Hotel – Prices start at $29 USD/night, find it at 105/152 M.1, T.Bophut, Koh Samui
  5. Naamtao Villa Resort – Prices start at $40 USD/night, find it at 177/35 Moo 1, Bophut, Koh Samui

These hotels are comfortable and you can stay there for a fair price.

Guide to Fisherman’s Village Samui Old Town in Samui

If you are looking for luxury, then these options will suffice all of your needs:

  1. Anantara Bophut Resort – Prices from $225 USD, find it at 99/9 Moo 1 Bophut Bay, Koh Samui
  2. Bandara Resort and Spa – Prices from $100 USD, find it at 178/2 Moo 1, Bophut, Koh Samui
  3. Peace Resort – Prices from $90 USD, find it at 178 Moo 1, Bophut Beach, Koh Samui
  4. Hansar Samui Resort and Spa – Prices from $180 USD, find it at 101/28 Moo1, Koh Samui
  5. Grand Villa La Perla – Prices from $135 USD, find it at 15/2 Fisherman Village, Moo 1, Bophut, Koh Samui.

Final Words:

We have arrived to the end of this blog post. Now you have an excellent overview on all the things to do in Fisherman’s Village, now you are ready to visit it!

If you have any question, feel free to comment it or contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible!


From Bangkok to Koh Samui: How To Get There?

You are done exploring the City of Angels; you have seen it all and now you want to depart to a tropical destination, where you can enjoy some beach time, swim in turquoise or emerald waters and have a blast.

Koh Samui is the answer, and today you are going to discover how to get there from Bangkok.

We are going to cover every single detail, worry not. This guide comes to you thanks to Boutique Yachting, and we are more than happy to have you in the island. We are confident that you will love it!

Flying to the Tropical Paradise:

From Bangkok to Koh Samui: How To Get There?

By far, the best way to go from Bangkok to Samui is by taking a flight. Worry not, because if you book early enough, it will not be expensive at all. You will get an excellent deal, and the amount of time you will save will be totally worth it. In addition, it is a lot more comfortable than traveling by bus or ferry.

If you want to browse the best offers available right now, then you should use Skyscanner. We recommend you to book with Bangkok Airlines, because they have 19 flights per day going to Bangkok, and if you book in advance, it will cost you less than $300 USD (2-way ticket).

The flight barely takes one hour, so it is a no brainer. You will not have to waste any time and you will travel comfortably. You will arrive to this beautiful island very fast, so you can continue your adventure.

Again, it is very important to book in advance, especially if you plan to visit Koh Samui during the high season, because the prices can increase a lot. If you want to find a good deal, then book with plenty of time ahead.

Even though the prices are not very high, in some cases, it will be still too much for some travelers. If that is your case, worry not, because you have other more affordable ways to arrive to this tropical paradise.

Koh Samui by Train – The Second Best Option:

From Bangkok to Koh Samui: How To Get There?

If you want to save money and a flight is out of question, then the second best way to go from Bangkok to Koh Samui is by train.

Surprisingly not, Thailand has one of the most advanced meter-gauge rail systems in the world, something that can turn the country into an authentic Asean transportation hub. It is very efficient, and therefore, an excellent way for discovering the country.

All you need to do is to take a train ride from Bangkok to Surat Thani. Worry not, because the trains are air-conditioned and pretty comfortable, and in our opinion (and according to many other travelers), it is much better than traveling by bus.

All you need is an overnight ride to Surat Thani, from where you can take a ferry to Koh Samui. A 1st class ticket with A/C sleeper will cost you between $50 to $55 USD if you buy online, but if you buy at the station, then you can get it for $41 to $48 USD.

If you want to save money big time, and are okay with the idea of sacrificing some comfort, then you can get a 2nd class ticket with fan sleeper for barely $23 USD online or $16 USD at the station.

One you are in Surat Thani you will have to take a ferry, something you can from the train station. In many cases, it will barely cost you $9 to $10 USD, a really good deal.

As you can see, you will save money big time. Sure, it will take more time, but if you want to keep your trip as cheap as possible, then it will be worth it.

A plane ticket to Samui will cost you between $250 to $300 USD, whereas taking a train + ferry will cost you between $25 USD (2nd class) to $64 USD (1st class). A lot of money you can put to better use.

However, traveling by train and ferry is a great chance for discovering more about Thailand. If you want to explore more and get more in touch with everything this fabulous country has to offer you, then you should consider this option.

Let’s Travel by Bus:

From Bangkok to Koh Samui: How To Get There?

Now, if you want to keep it as cheap as possible, then a combo of bus + ferry is all you need. It won’t be as fancy as taking a flight or a train ride, but if you want to save money, then this is for you.

You need to buy a combo ticket to make things easier. The typical price for a bus ride from Bangkok to Surat Thani and a ferry to Koh Samui will usually cost you between $23 to $43 USD. You need to compare prices in order to find a good deal, and as always, we recommend you to do this in advance.

The bus ride will usually take you 12 hours and the ferry from Surat Thani to Koh Samui approximately 6 hours. You are going to travel for 18 hours, so take that into account. Also, consider that in many cases you will take an overnight ferry, which even though will provide you a place to sleep, it will not be very comfortable.

Even though it is cheap, we still recommend you to travel by train if you cannot afford a plane ticket. It will take less time and it will be a lot more comfortable, however, it is up to you.

Final Words:

That’s all. Now you know how to get to Koh Samui through different ways, and it is up to you to choose which one to use based on your budget and preference.

If you have any question or doubt, feel free to comment it below. We will be more than happy to help you, so you can arrive safely to Koh Samui and have a blast in this amazing island!


3 Things You Need to Know About Maenam Beach

An Overview of this Beautiful Destination:

Koh Samui has the most beautiful beaches in the world and Maenam Beach is one of them. Many travelers fall in love with it due to its relaxing and sleepy atmosphere, which puts you in a sweet and delicious trance full of peace.

Back in the day, Koh Samui was less touristy, and therefore, it had a calmer and laid-back atmosphere. It still has it, but decades ago, it was a different experience.

Fortunately, you can travel back in time when you visit Maenam Beach and live it yourself. It is perfect for families, couples and travelers looking for a pleasant, beautiful and relaxing place to visit. Maenam is perfect for you.

The white sand, the warm and calm sea (perfect for swimming) and its tranquil atmosphere will make you fall in love with it. One of the least touristy beaches in the island, and therefore, a must visit.

If you want to know more about this beach – and you surely want – then just read this article written for you by Boutique Yachting. We hope you enjoy it and that you find it useful!

#1 – It Is Really Laid Back

3 Things You Need to Know About Maenam Beach

If you are looking for a place offering exactly that kind of experience, then Maenam is the place for you. Here you will find real relaxation, as you will be away from busy parts of the island and the crowds of tourists.

However, when we say that it is laid back we really mean it, because here you won’t find many fancy things to do, because even when it comes to food and drink your options are limited (yet pretty good, more on this later).

If you want to eat a tasty meal, then you can go to Angela’s Diner and Bakery. Don’t expect luxury, but instead, be ready to eat a delicious lunch. The prices are affordable and their sausages are best, so make sure to try them!

You can also consider the Farmer Restaurant and The Boudoir Koh Samui. They are near to the beach and their menu is quite good, so we recommend them!

The same goes for nightlife, because the bars are friendly yet nothing like the ones you can find in other parts of Samui.

Nonetheless, if you are looking for that kind of experience, then this beach is for you. You can spend a wonderful night with the love of your life drinking a refreshing cocktail while listening to live music looking into the infinity of the ocean.

You can enjoy a romantic walk across the shore as well, while the waves crush and caress your feet.

You and your children will also love it, because when the conditions are great (which is most of the time), you can swim without problems. You can play with them, run and do all sort of fun things.

If you are looking for more excitement and attractions, then you should consider other beaches. Nonetheless, if you are looking for relaxation and peace, then Maenam is the perfect beach for you.

It is essential to remark this point, so you can plan your trip properly!

#2 – If You Love It You Can Stay

3 Things You Need to Know About Maenam Beach

Because you can find excellent accommodation options, which share the same atmosphere of Maenam: authentic peace and relaxation. If you love it a lot, then you can stay here for as long as you want!

There is an option for every kind of traveler and budget. If you want to enjoy luxury and novelty, then you can stay at Belmond Napasai or Santiburi Beach Resort Golf & Spa, both 5-star resorts with all sort of amenities and services to make your stay an amazing experience.

If you are looking for something good yet more affordable, then you can opt for the Escape Beach Resort. Excellent location, great amenities, good environment and the rooms are comfortable.

Finally, those looking for a super-affordable option, the Palm Point Village, Moonhut Bungalows and Maenam Bay Resort are the best options. Their prices are far more accessible, and still, they are good places to stay (money wise). If you want to remain in contact with nature, then renting a bungalow would be a great option, and yes, it is cheap!

If you love Maenam a lot, then you can always stay around, so you can come and enjoy the beach whenever you wish.

#3 – You Can Escape the Peace and Come Back

3 Things You Need to Know About Maenam Beach

If you decide to stay in one of the hotels at Maenam, you should know that you can always visit nearby areas with ease. For example, you can drop a visit to the fisher’s village, which is only 10 minutes away by car. Nightlife is a lot more intense, so if you want to have some fun in the evening, then you can always escape for a little while to the fisher’s village.

It is also a great point from where you can visit the capital town of Samui: Nathon. It is a must visit destination, because here you can do shopping, you can find excellent restaurants (Thai and international), you will find amazing landscapes for great photographs and more.

As you can see, it is very well connected to other interesting points in the city. You can make it your headquarters your stay so you can enjoy of a peaceful and tranquil environment, but if you ever want to add more excitement to your day or night, you can find it 10 minutes away.

Final Words:

Now you have another great spot to visit during your stay, or perhaps, as you have seen, you can stay here, because it is a peaceful and beautiful location.

You know everything that’s needed to enjoy a pleasant and relaxing holiday. It is suitable for children, and in fact, for different kinds of travelers, especially those looking for peace.

That’s it. If you have any question or doubt, feel free to post them below or to send us a message. We are more than happy to help you!

Samui Car Hire: How to Rent a Car on Koh Samui?

Wondering how to rent a car to explore this beautiful island? All you need to do is to read this article to find all the answers for your questions.

Fortunately, it is a lot easier than you think because there is a huge demand for renting cars in Samui, and at Boutique Yachting, we are going to let you know how to do it and how to get the best deals!

The Basics of Car Rental in Samui:

Samui Car Hire: How to Rent a Car on Koh Samui?

When you want to rent a car in the island, you have two options:

  1. Big rental chains
  2. Local rental shops.

Each option has its own advantages. With large chains, you have an outstanding variety of vehicles at your disposal, you find them right at the airport and you can be 100% sure that they are legit. However, these benefits come at a price: they are more expensive.

If you want to save money, then local rental shops are the way to go. They have cheaper prices, and even though their selection of cars is not as big (mostly compact automatics, pick-ups and 4X4s), it is decent enough. On top of that, you will be subjected to easier rental terms. However, there is a drawback: some of them won’t look very trustable.

When it comes to the largest rental chains like Budget, Avis and Herz, you have to visit the local website instead of the international one, because it will bring you better prices and a better experience.

However, why should you rent a car on Samui? What advantages is it going to offer you? Here you have a nice and concise list:

  1. You will be able to transport yourself to any part of the island as you please
  2. As there is a lot to explore, it will be a lot easier to do with your own car
  3. If you are coming with kids, it will make your trip easier and more enjoyable
  4. You can plan your own excursions.

Now that we have covered the basics, it is time to talk about the car rental process.

The Process of Renting a Car: Everything Explained

Samui Car Hire: How to Rent a Car on Koh Samui?

First off, you need to make a list of the features that your car must have. For example, if you require it to have car seats for your kids, make sure it offers it. The same if you prefer a vehicle with airbags and A/C, ensure it has them. It will take a while until you find the vehicle that meets all of your requirements, but it will be worth it.

Secondly, identify all the car rental shops that have the vehicle you are looking for and compare prices. If you want to save big time, then you need to compare, because this is how you will pick the best price. You will be surprised by how much they can vary from company to company.

Finally, once you have found the perfect deal, simply sign the lease agreement and that is it. Make sure to ask as many question as you need, so you can feel comfortable with the agreement.

Now, here are some important points to take into account:

  1. Make sure that the car you are going to rent is fully insured
  2. Bring your ID, passport and driving license
  3. Take note of the contact info of the rental shop, so you can contact them in case of any problem.
  4. If you are planning to drive to other parts of Thailand, then you might want to include a GPS, because it is going to be very useful.

We recommend you to start exploring your options at least one week before coming to Koh Samui, because you will have enough time to compare enough options and pick the best deal. As we said, it is going to take some shopping, but it will be worth it.

Of course, the basics rules: if you want to save money, then local shops are the way to go; if you want to make it as convenient as possible, then large chains are the answer.

What to Consider When Driving on Koh Samui?

Samui Car Hire: How to Rent a Car on Koh Samui?

If you are from the UK, then you will have an easy time, because you will have to drive on the left. If you are not used to it, then you will need to practice a little bit.

What about the traffic? Unlike major cities like Bangkok or Phuket, it is not that bad. Only take into account that the roads are small and people drive slowly. You will not complaint about being stuck for several hours, because the traffic flows smoothly. The only place of the island that might be challenge is Chaweng, because the roads are especially small and have many vehicles passing through.

However, your biggest obstacle will not be local Thai drivers, but tourists, especially younger ones, because as they are not used to driving on the left. They can cause a bit of a mess on the road.

What about the roads? You already know they are small, but they also have different conditions, so take that into account. Furthermore, from time to time, you will encounter a water buffalo or other typical animals of the zone in the middle of the road, as well as pedestrians, because in many parts there is no pavement.

Conclusion and Final Words:

Now you know everything it takes to rent a car on Koh Samui for your vacation. As you can see, it is very easy, and on top of that, you also know what to expect when driving in the island. You are fully prepared for this experience!

If you have any question or doubt, feel free to comment below and to contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Koh Samui Activities and Sports: The Best Adventures in the Island

Simply Amazing:

That is how many people define Koh Samui, and we have to agree with them, because there is a lot to love and enjoy. It is simply phenomenal, and today you are going to discover the most exciting outdoors activities and sports that you can try during your stay!

Here at Boutique Yachting we want you to live the best time of your life when you visit Koh Samui, and rest assured that these activities will gift you precious memories that will stay with you forever. It will happen, and you will love it.

Now, let’s check what this island can offer you!


Koh Samui Activities and Sports: The Best Adventures in the Island

A favorite by many, both adults and children, and Koh Samui is an ideal destination for practicing this sport. If you want to practice it, then here you have the best beaches:

  1. Coral Cove
  2. Choeng Mon
  3. Ao Phang Kan
  4. Silver Beach
  5. Taling Ngam.

Alternatively, you can also practice it in nearby islands like Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan.

You can do it in your own if you want your own equipment and experience, but if not, then a tour is recommended. You can join it for approximately $70 USD per person.

Scuba Diving:

Diving and Koh Samui go very well together, because these pristine sapphire waters are so inviting! Koh Tao is the perfect choice, and in fact, it is known around the world as one of the best diving destinations in the world.

The conditions are perfect: the currents and surface are calm, the temperature is perfect and there is lots of exotic marine life. The best time to practice it is from March to September, because this is when underwater visibility reaches its optimal levels for an excellent diving experience.

Another tip: if you want to witness Whale Sharks, then come from February to May.

Practicing scuba diving in Samui will barely cost you $90 USD (approximately), and it is well worth the investment!

Sea Walking:

Koh Samui Activities and Sports: The Best Adventures in the Island

If you want to feel like you were walking on the moon but without leaving Koh Samui, then you need to try this unique adventure.

For only $60 USD, you can walk over the bed of the ocean for 4 hours. You do not need any previous experience, and the operator of this activity will give you the equipment necessary.

It is also excellent for children (from 7 years old and up), as it is safe and entertaining. Do not forget to take many underwater photos!


One of the newest water sports that is gaining lots of fans, because it is a different and very exciting experience!

You will be flying over the water by wearing a pair of rocket boosters, and then at will, you can dive the water and emerge like a dolphin jumping over the waves. What could be better than this?

Therefore, if you are looking for something different and extreme, then you need to try Flyboarding. Chaweng is the best beach to practice it, and generally, it will cost you between $70-75 USD.


Koh Samui Activities and Sports: The Best Adventures in the Island

Combining the best of paragliding and surfing, please welcome kitesurfing, one of the most exciting sports you can practice in Samui!

Just a little of breeze and you will be sailing the waters like a modern pirate, but instead of a ship, you will have a kite and a board. Rest assured that you will have tons of fun!

The best places to practice it are Maenam and Hua Thanon.

Cliff Diving:

If you are looking for a serious rush of adrenaline and adventure, then say no more, because you must try cliff diving, because only a few things are more extreme than diving into the waters of Samui jumping off a cliff!

Now, before you go and look for a cliff, you need to be careful. One of the best places to practice it is Koh Tao, because it has the necessary conditions for a safe practice of this sport. There is a company Good Times Adventures that organizes tours that include this activity.

However, for those with experience and looking for the ultimate extreme experience, then you should explore the Andaman side, especially Railae Beach. Nonetheless, again, be very careful and avoid it if you do not know what you are doing.


Koh Samui Activities and Sports: The Best Adventures in the Island

It is another great activity, and it will help you to discover many of the natural beauties that Koh Samui has to offer you. From exploring the surroundings of the Ang Thong Marine Park to taking a pleasant paddle around the island, it is up to you.

Usually, the cost for this kind of activity/tour ranges from $60 to 70 USD per person.

Indoor Skydiving:

If you want to skydive indoors, then you can also find this amazing activity in Koh Samui. We were not kidding you when we said that you can do all sort of things in this island.

Even children can practice it, however, they should weigh at least 20 KG to join. Other than that, everyone can do it!

With air traveling up to 200 kilometers per hour upwards, you will get a guaranteed rush of adrenaline, take it for granted!

If you want to know more about it, then you should contact the company.


Koh Samui Activities and Sports: The Best Adventures in the Island

If you are up for an adventure into the woods, then look no further than ziplining. You will be flying over the treetops of the jungle of Koh Samui like Tarzan!

Here you will appreciate the magnificent beauty of the island: exotic flora and beautiful waterfalls will accompany you along the way to the coast.

Joining this activity will cost you approximately $90 USD, and in our opinion, it is well worth it.

Absolute Ice Bar:

Again, this activity will let you understand why we say that Koh Samui offers you EVERYTHING you can think of, because you do not have to leave this tropical paradise to live a polar adventure!

Welcome the Absolute Ice Bar. From the moment you enter they will give you a furry hat and a warm jacket, because it is really cold inside, reaching temperatures below zero.

The bar is full of furniture and sculptures made of ice. Do not forget to try some shots of vodka to keep you warm!

You will find it in Chaweng and you can visit anytime from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Island Escape Game:

Finally, if you are a fan of escape games, then you are going to love this, because it is the next level. Forget about rooms, because you and your team will have to escape from an island!

You will have a fixed amount of time to solve all the challenge and puzzles to escape from Koh Tan. Kayaking, getting into the woods and crossing over swamps are only a few of the many things you will have to do to escape.

Remember to book it in advance, and all you have to do is to contact Escape the Island.

Final Words:

There is a lot to do in Koh Samui as you can see. There is a perfect activity for every kind of traveler, and we hope that this post helps you to find it!

Anyways, if you still have doubts and question, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Koh Samui with Kids: How to Make Your Visit Memorable

The Perfect Family Destination:

This island is ideal for a memorable vacation with your family. It does not matter if you come with kids, because there are enough ways to keep them entertained, and furthermore, plenty of options for you and them to enjoy together.

Memories are the most precious souvenirs you can get, and the most valuable gift you can give to your kids.

In this article, we are going to show you everything you need to know to have a lot of fun with your children. We will cover everything… every single thing!

That’s it. Let’s start with this post that comes to you thanks to the team of Boutique Yachting!

Where to Stay: Best Family-friendly Hotels and Villas in Samui

It is crucial to pick a place to stay where your children will feel great, because again, you are not traveling alone, and they are the most important thing in this trip.

Fortunately, Samui has its fair share of family-friendly hotels and villas:

  1. Banyan Tree Samui (an amazing and big pool for kids)
  2. Smile House
  3. Anantara Resort & Spa (Bophut and Lawana)
  4. Bandara Resort & Spa
  5. SALA Samui
  6. Belmond Napasai (it has a nice paddling area for kids)
  7. Ibis Samui Bophut
  8. Centara Grand Beach Resort Samui (excellent if you are coming with teenagers)
  9. Vana Belle
  10. Santiburi Beach Resort (if you have athletic kids, then this is the place to be, because it has tons of water sports at your disposal)
  11. Hansar Samui (great for paddling)
  12. Peace Resort
  13. Tongsai Bay Resort (it has an excellent family pool right in front of the beach)
  14. Baan Samui Resort
  15. Deva Samui Resort & Spa.

Now you have enough options to check. They will vary in pricing and location, but in general, they are excellent for families, and that is what matters the most. The environment, activities and options are family-friendly, as they can be adapted as per your needs.

What to Do: Best Activities to Do With Your Family in Koh Samui

You have found the perfect place to stay with your family, awesome. Now it is time to see what you can do in this amazing island, because this is how you will create those life-lasting memories.

A Tour to the Ang Thong National Marine Park:

Koh Samui with Kids: How to Make Your Visit Memorable

Visiting the principal attraction of Samui is a must, especially if you come with your kids, because they will be marveled by such a majestic and exotic display of natural beauty. They will absolutely love it!

Here at Boutique Yachting we can help you to organize it. All you need to do is to contact us or visit our tour page:

We have made this tour to be suitable for every kind of visitors, and yes, that includes families with kids. It is a place full of peace, natural beauty and new things to see and experience. You and your children will adore this experience from beginning to end!

Make Room for History:

You should make room for exploring the history of the island. For example, you can start by visiting the Big Buddha Temple, which is a gigantic statue of Buddha that will amaze the big and small people alike!

Here you have a list of the temples that you SHOULD visit during your stay:

  1. Wat Plai Laem
  2. Secret Buddha Garden
  3. Hin Lad Waterfall Temple
  4. Wat Khunaram
  5. Guan Im Shrine
  6. Laem Sor Pagoda
  7. Wat Kiri Wongkaram

Make some room for history and culture, because it will be worth it.

Water Parks:

Koh Samui with Kids: How to Make Your Visit Memorable

They are a lot of fun and you will find a huge variety of great choices here:

  1. High Park Koh Samui
  2. Pink Elephant – Samui Water Park
  3. Coco Splash Adventure & Water Park
  4. Aquapark Samui.

With tons of attractions and cool things to do, your children and you will never get bored. Worry not, because they are family-friendly, so your children will have many cool activities at their disposal.

Sand and Beach:

Beaches are a huge attraction in Koh Samui, and therefore, you need to visit them. Here you have a list of the best beaches for families:

  1. Mae Nam (Lots of free space as it is not very touristy, the water is calm and warm, perfect for sunsets)
  2. Bang Por
  3. Lipa Noi (The water remains shallow for up to 100 meters, giving you and your kids lots of space to swim and enjoy)
  4. Taling Ngam (shallow water and you can enjoy amazing views of the Ang Thong Marine Park from here).

Why are they ideal for families? Because they are peaceful, the water is calm and in the perfect temperature and the entire ambience is simply perfect for a relaxing and fun time with your kids.

Various Activities:

Koh Samui with Kids: How to Make Your Visit Memorable

You can do more things in Koh Samui with your kids.

For example, you can visit Samui Go-Kart for a race with your children. Lots of fun and adrenaline in the island for those who love adventure!

You can live a different kind of adventure at Escapology, where you can play a real-life escape game with your little ones. You can bring up to five players.

You can also try mini-golf at Crazy Golf. The greatest thing about it is that it has been designed for children, so your kids will have a lot of fun here.

Finally, you can visit Samui Football Golf, where you can play this picturesque game that is loaded with fun and novelty. The environment is great, the game is a lot of fun and the entire experience will be memorable. Guaranteed.

Final Words:

Now you know everything you need to enjoy a pleasant, fun and exciting vacation with your kids. If you have any question or doubt, do not hesitate to contact us or to post a comment below. We will do our best to contact you as soon as possible.

Best Time of the Year to Visit Koh Samui: What You Need to Know

Planning to visit this paradisiac island? Awesome! You are going to have a blast here, because Samui offers you everything you need, depending on your objectives: relaxation, fun, adventure, etc. It has everything for every kind of traveler. Worry not.

In this article, we are going to talk about the best time of the year to visit Koh Samui, so you can plan your vacations accordingly to have the best time.

Once again, it comes to you thanks to Boutique Yachting, and we hope that you enjoy it. If you have questions or doubts, feel free to comment them below, or even better, contact us!

In order to make things easier for you, we’ve divided this post according to activities and other factors, depending on what you want to do in Koh Samui.

A General Overview on Koh Samui’s Weather:

What is it like?

Best Time of the Year to Visit Koh Samui: What You Need to Know

In short, it is sunny and hot, exactly what you would expect from an island destination. This weather makes it perfect for those craving water and sand, because you will be able to enjoy its beautiful beaches.

However, as you will see below, there are some exceptions; but generally, this is what you will get when you come to visit. That is why so many people love Koh Samui, because it offers you everything to fully enjoy it and spend your holidays in a real paradise in earth.

When Is It the Cheapest?

Not everyone has a large budget to spend on a luxury vacation to Koh Samui, so if you are trying to cut costs down, then you also need to come to the island when it is the cheapest. So, what’s the best time to save money? From October to November.

Why? Because they are also known as the “rainy months”, so not a lot of people come during this season, and consequently, you will be able to get good deals in hotels, tours and more. Even though there will be rain, the weather won’t be so bad, and you will still have sunny days, so it is a good deal.

If October or November don’t work for you, then you can also save money by coming in April, May or June. As the weather is hotter and more humid than usual, you won’t have lots of tourists flooding the island, so you will also find great deals.

When is the Best Time to Visit the Ang Thong Marine Park?

If you wish to visit it (remember that we can take you there, because we have the best ships in the island), then the ideal time is during late December until September, because the park is closed every year from November to early December.

You have a lot of time to plan your vacation in case you want to visit this attraction, which is one of the most popular in the country. You will absolutely love it, just like the many visitors that come here every year to witness the abundant and exotic wildlife and its natural beauty.

This time is also excellent for kayaking, so if you would like to try it, then try to come in the aforementioned months. You will have a blast. Bet on it.

When Is the Best Time for Scuba Diving and Snorkeling?

Best Time of the Year to Visit Koh Samui: What You Need to Know

If you want to practice these sports in Koh Samui – or in a nearby island like Koh Tao which is very popular for those who practice snorkeling and diving – then you need to come during March, April, May and early December.

The water temperature and conditions will be ideal, and in addition, you will get the chance to witness whale sharks and tons of exotic marine life. Generally, these waters are perfect for beginners, because they are calm. No great challenge to face, so, no worries.

When Is It The Sunniest?

It is also the best time for swimming, because the weather is great and the sun is shining at its max! If you are looking for that, then the best time is from December to April, you won’t have to deal with rain. Not even a bit.

If you cannot make it during these months, then you can also come from May to September, but be aware that you may have to deal with a bit of rain, not a lot, but still, it will rain. Hopefully, most of the time, they will occur during the night or late afternoon, after you have had lots of fun at the beach.

The hottest month is April, and it is another popular time to come, because during it the Songkran festival takes place, one of the most important celebrations in the country.

What Is The Driest Season?

If you are looking for the driest month of the year in Koh Samui, then the trophy goes for February. It is very dry, so you will be able to forget about rain for a while. However, remember to protect your skin properly, because this month is exceptionally sunny and therefore your skin will be more exposed to damage.

What to Wear During Raining Season?

Best Time of the Year to Visit Koh Samui: What You Need to Know

Now that you have a general overview on the weather of Koh Samui and what is the best time to visit depending on what you want to do, it is time to give you a few tips regarding the raining season, in case a storm catches you:

  1. A travel towel
  2. Waterproof phone case, self-explanatory
  3. A rain jacket
  4. A rain poncho
  5. A good pair of rainy season sandals like Teva Zirra or Chaco Yampa
  6. Mosquito repellent.

There you have it. If you are planning to come during rainy season, then take these tips into account. They will help you lots. Lots!

Final Words

We have arrived to the conclusion of this article. We hope you enjoyed it and found it useful.

As you can see, the weather in Koh Samui is generally awesome but with a few exceptions. However, they offer you in exchange huge savings in hotels, tours, space, etc. So, you can take advantage of that and start planning your visit to the island!

5 Reasons to Fall in Love With Koh Samui’s Choeng Mon Beach

What’s not to love about Koh Samui? It is beautiful, romantic, entertaining and exotic. What else could you ask for?

Here you can find an outstanding variety of beautiful beaches like Chaweng, Lamai, Bophut and Choeng Mon, about which we are going to talk today. You are going to love it from solely reading this article, so be ready to visit it, because you won’t be able to resist it!

This article comes to you thanks to Boutique Yachting, and we hope that you enjoy it. As always, feel free to leave your doubts and questions at the end, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

#1 – Very Convenient

5 Reasons to Fall in Love With Koh Samui’s Choeng Mon Beach

Unlike other beaches that are tucked too far away, and therefore become not very convenient, Choeng Mon is different, because it is near to shops and everything you might need.

Did you forget to buy sunscreen? No problem, just walk to the village and buy it. It won’t take more than a couple of minutes. Solved. Not only that, because you can also find pharmacies, banks, car rental stations, shops and more. Everything is conveniently near.

It is wonderful to visit this beach, because you can get everything you might need from the village. It does not matter what you might have forgotten to buy, a short walk will solve all of your problems.

#2 – The Sand Is Great and the Ambience Rocks

If the quality of sand is one of your main concerns when visiting a beach, then you need to come to Choeng Mon, because it is sugary, soft and white. You will love it, guaranteed!

If you come with children, then they will love playing with it. Talking a walk across the beach will be a lovely and sweet experience, thanks to the amazing sand you will find here, and of course, due to the beautiful ambience. It rocks.

This beach has its own personality and character, because it is different to the other options in many senses. It is something you will understand when you come here. The bungalows, the warm and crystalline water, the sugary white sand and many other things make it truly special, and thereby a worthy destination.

#3 – Lots of Free Space and Not Very Touristy

5 Reasons to Fall in Love With Koh Samui’s Choeng Mon Beach

If you are tired of visiting crowded attractions – and beaches – then give yourself a break and breathe the fresh marine air at Choeng Mon. As it is not very touristy, you will have lots of free space for you to walk and enjoy. Just imagine it and submerge yourself in such a beautiful and pleasant idea, and even better, make it come true!

It also has a mystical feeling, because even though it is very convenient, it feels like a secluded beach, you know, like a secret. This amazing combination makes Choeng Mon one of the best beaches, because you can enjoy of peace and such an exciting feeling while having everything near to you. What else could you ask for?

For this very same reason, it is a romantic destination that you must visit if you come with your partner. You can even include it in your honeymoon, because you won’t regret visiting it, to the contrary, you will fall in love with the experience.

In fact, Koh Samui is an amazing destination for just-married couples, and for that very reason, many visitors come here to celebrate their honeymoon, and many of them include Choeng Mon!

#4 – Delicious Food at Your Reach

The delicious food that you will find here will make the experience even better, because there is nothing better than enjoying a delicious meal after a day at the beach. You will have different options at your disposal, so you can send your taste buds to surf the delicious waves of flavors that you will experience.

Right here in the beach you will find different options to kill your hunger in the best way. You can enjoy of delicious and fast breakfast, along with different options for the lunch. You can enjoy the freshest local fruit and many other cooked meals.

For real, if you come here, then you must try seafood. It will be very fresh for you, and believe us, because eating it will differ from any other previous experience. Your taste buds will explode in happiness. The eateries you will find in the beach can serve you it in different ways: grilled, fried, steamed, etc. Only go there, look at the options and enjoy!

You also have your fair share of nearby restaurants, where you can eat a great variety of food, and of course, it includes the exotic and delicious Thai cuisine. You can also find pizzerias, Korean food, Indian restaurants, etc. If you got the munchies, then worry not, because you will find the most delicious meals in Choeng Mon!

Without delicious food you cannot call a destination perfect, and this is another reason to love this beach, because it really over delivers! Again, don’t miss out the chance to try seafood, you will thank us later 😉

#5 – Beautiful Sunsets that You Will Only Find Here

5 Reasons to Fall in Love With Koh Samui’s Choeng Mon Beach

Finally, if you are looking for the most beautiful sunsets that will cause a great impression on you – and that you can immortalize with your camera – then Choeng Mon has exactly what you need.

Also, remember that it is not possible to sunsets from every beach in Koh Samui. Sadly, that’s the true, but there is nothing to worry about, because here in Choeng Mon you will find the most beautiful ones. It will be a show by Mother Nature that you will never forget. It will stay with you forever.

Final Words:

Now you have 5 reasons to fall in love with Cheong Mon. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to visit it if you are already in Koh Samui, or if you are coming soon, then add it to your list, because you must come here! 😉

Coral Cove & Crystal Bay: Discover the Perfect Getaways in Koh Samui

Samui is a beautiful, exotic and romantic island on its own… but if you are looking for the perfect getaways, then look no further than Coral Cove and Crystal Bay.

In this article, delivered to you thanks to Boutique Yachting, we are going to share everything you need to know about them, so you can see why you must visit them during your stay in Samui.

They are perfect for every kind of traveler: solo looking for relaxation and peace, for a couple looking for the perfect romantic escapade or for families looking for interesting and unique destinations.

Ok, it is enough, because it is time to start!

Coral Cove: More than a Simple Beach

Coral Cove & Crystal Bay: Discover the Perfect Getaways in Koh Samui

It is one of the most relaxing spots in the planet, because it has something special about its environment that makes it perfect. Even though it only has a length of 200 meters, it is better than Chaweng, because it is not overcrowded.

The water is crystal-clear and warm, which means that you can swim and totally relax yourself. It is a refreshing, beautiful and purifying experience that you will enjoy from beginning to end. It is also calm, so your kids can swim without problems, but of course, supervision is necessary at all times.

One of the reasons many come to visit the Coral Cove Beach is because it is perfect for snorkeling. If you would like to practice this beautiful sport, then this place will be ideal. It has the best conditions for practicing it, so if you want to spend several hours of fun and relaxation, then it is waiting for you!

What makes this location amazing for snorkeling are its tranquil conditions and its abundant and exotic marine life. If you love underwater exploration and want to discover what Samui has to offer, then a visit here won’t disappoint you, to the contrary, it will gift you priceless memories. Of course, you can also practice scuba diving here.

Of course, if you want to explore more of the amazing and vast marine life of Koh Samui, then you definitively need to take a tour to the Ang Thong Marine Park.

There is enough space to walk and relax, in case you are coming with your partner. If you are looking for a place to truly feel special with your loved one and simply share an amazing and romantic time together, then you definitively need to come here.

Talking about romance, here you will find a beach restaurant and bar. There you can enjoy a delicious meal with your partner while looking at the tranquil, beautiful and exotic views that only Coral Cove Beach can gift you.

Here is a note: if you want the full experience, then you should consider booking a night at Coral Cove Resort. It is the main entrance to the beach, and in fact, it is “affordable” considering how good it is. This suggestion is perfect for couples, families and those on their honeymoon; this will make this an unforgettable and sweet experience.

Some will argue that it feels like a private beach, and in many senses, it is, but it is good, because the two hotels here – the Coral Cove Resort and Coral Cove Chalet – take care of keeping it clean and at its best.

In summary, it is an incredible, relaxing, peaceful and exotic destination. If you liked what you read, then you will for sure love this getaway!

Crystal Bay: An Exceptional Getaway

Coral Cove & Crystal Bay: Discover the Perfect Getaways in Koh Samui

Like the Coral Cove Beach, it is not very big (250 meters in length), but it is exceptional in charm. That is why it is one of the most popular destinations amongst visitors in Koh Samui, but fortunately, it is not as crowded as Chaweng, so you will find peace and relaxation here.

Similarly, here you will also find three main hotels that take care of maintaining the place: Crystal Bay Yacht Club, Crystal Bay Beach Resort and Silver Beach Resort. If you want to live the full experience, then you should consider staying in of these resorts, so you can fully relax and be pampered to enjoy this adventure.

From these, our favorite is the Crystal Bay Yacht Club, because it is better equipped and is located in the best part of the beach, so your stay here is going to be better. There are 43 villas where to choose from along with several amenities. This 4-star hotel is modern, beautiful and ranked amongst the best in the island.

Here, you will be welcome and amazed by the beautiful and refreshing emerald waters of the bay that invite you to come, swim and explore its secrets. Like Coral Cove, here you can practice snorkeling and scuba diving. It is even perfect for beginners, because the waters are surprisingly calm, summing up the nature of this beautiful getaway: peaceful, exotic and unique.

It is the perfect place to stay as well, because you are near to the main parts of the island. As it is calm and peaceful, you can enjoy of a relaxing stay in Samui. You can spend a day of fun and come back to your peaceful paradise in Crystal Bay… what could be better than that?

Similarly, it is perfect for honeymooners and those craving an intimate and romantic moment. The Crystal Bay is waiting for you. In fact, Thailand is becoming a popular destination for honeymoons, wellness, the sports market and as a medical destination as well.

In summary, it is another excellent beach destination for families, solo travelers, couples and groups of friends. However, those craving a peaceful and tranquil destination will appreciate it the most.

Final Words:

Now you know of two new interesting, exotic, beautiful and different destinations in Samui.

We have presented what they have to offer you, and if you liked what you have just read, then it is more than sure that you will love the experience in real life.

If you have any question or doubt, then don’t hesitate to comment or contact us!