Our Yachts

At Boutique Yachting we want you to have a fabulous day aboard our boats, exploring the natural beauty of the Gulf of Thailand. This is why our yachts are custom made and feature all the modern amenities today’s travelers need. While we wanted to equip our boats with all necessary facilities, we respected their origin and traditional construction techniques, providing you with a beautiful blend of classic design and modern comfort.

Come on board, and get ready for your adventure at sea.

  • Samui tour with KLM Baidee an indonesian Schooner


    The KLM Baidee is a traditional Indonesian Bugis Pinisi, a type of boat that was used for fishing and transporting goods between the many Indonesian islands in earlier days. Today it serves to take you to the most beautiful places off the coast of Samui all while catering to your every need with its luxurious facilities.

  • Yacht M/S Naga on Koh Samui

    The M/S Naga

    Our M/S Naga is a classic Turkish gulet, handcrafted and custom made.
    Its beautiful wooden frame and modern facilities make it the perfect boat to take you around the Gulf of Thailand to experience its natural beauty.

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